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“We would use our agent again!  We have used him before and would again.  Great job!”  Furman Childress   .. Read more
“We would use our agent again!  We have used him before and would again.  Great job!” 

Furman Childress

Sherry Johnson

Sherry Johnson

Mobile: 864-993-9665

Name:  Sherry Johnson 

Telephone #:  cell 864-993-9665 

Email address:  sherryjrealtorgwd@gmail.com

Experience:I worked as a plant nurse during the early years of my career and then transitioned into occupational health on many different levels. I worked as a clinical nurse, office manager, company representative/liaison. 

Designations,Education:Nursing, BS in Business, Salesperson 

Backgrounds/strengths:I have years experience in searching out the needs of businesses, setting up their accounts and providing continual service to meet those needs. Marketing/sales/customer service. 

Personal/Family/Church/Civic/CommunityInterests:Membership Northside Baptist Church 

What motivates you?A job well done…...happy customers!

Unique, but little known fact about you?I am basically transparent. I always try to let people know me for who I am from the start. I believe this builds better relationships. I genuinely care about the needs of others. 

Why did you choose Real Estate as your career?I believe that a person should enjoy what they do. Passion effects performance. Where there is a need, I find satisfaction in helping and the job of an agent is to provide a service that meets the needs of others. 

Other info facts to share in bio:I am married to Danny W. Johnson and we have two adult children, Pamela Cochrane and Daniel Johnson. We have one grandchild, Caroline. I love animals, traveling to new places and time with family.

Sherry can be reached at 864-993-9665 and sherryjrealtorgwd@gmail.com.

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