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“Everything was great!” – Apolonio Mojarro, buyer, Greenwood, SC (Richard Masters was his agent)    .. Read more
“Everything was great!” – Apolonio Mojarro, buyer, Greenwood, SC (Richard Masters was his agent) 

Sherry Johnson

Sherry Johnson

Mobile: 864-993-9665

Name:  Sherry Johnson 

Telephone #:  cell 864-993-9665 

Email address:  sherryjrealtorgwd@gmail.com

Experience:I worked as a plant nurse during the early years of my career and then transitioned into occupational health on many different levels. I worked as a clinical nurse, office manager, company representative/liaison. 

Designations,Education:Nursing, BS in Business, Salesperson 

Backgrounds/strengths:I have years experience in searching out the needs of businesses, setting up their accounts and providing continual service to meet those needs. Marketing/sales/customer service. 

Personal/Family/Church/Civic/CommunityInterests:Membership Northside Baptist Church 

What motivates you?A job well done…...happy customers!

Unique, but little known fact about you?I am basically transparent. I always try to let people know me for who I am from the start. I believe this builds better relationships. I genuinely care about the needs of others. 

Why did you choose Real Estate as your career?I believe that a person should enjoy what they do. Passion effects performance. Where there is a need, I find satisfaction in helping and the job of an agent is to provide a service that meets the needs of others. 

Other info facts to share in bio:I am married to Danny W. Johnson and we have two adult children, Pamela Cochrane and Daniel Johnson. We have one grandchild, Caroline. I love animals, traveling to new places and time with family.

Sherry can be reached at 864-993-9665 and sherryjrealtorgwd@gmail.com.

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