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"Our agent was excellent to work with.  I would certainly recommend her to others who are interested in buying in the area."   Lee Brooks   .. Read more

"Our agent was excellent to work with.  I would certainly recommend her to others who are interested in buying in the area."


Lee Brooks

Mike McWhorter

Mike McWhorter

Mobile: 864-389-1130

Mike has extensive knowledge and experience in selling town, rural and lake properties.

Mike is intensely focused on identifying the needs of his clients, providing alternative options and delivering results to help each achieve their goals in the real estate transaction. He delivers a diverse and unique background for his real estate clients.

Before entering in the real estate industry, Mike worked for more than 35 years with Westinghouse, Eaton and Bosch as a supply chain professional and consultant. His knowledge and understanding of a business relationship afford him the ability to quickly offer solutions and connections. Mike is a graduate of Lander University with BS in economics and minor in accounting.

Passionate about the community, he has served on the Lander Alum Board, past president of the Lander Greenwood Lander Alum Association, also  volunteers  for Hospice of the Piedmont, Wesley Commons, First Baptist Church, Greenwood Chamber of Commerce and the Festival of Discovery.

He was born in and resides in Greenwood. Mike is married to Kelly Kirkpatrick McWhorter who is the Greenwood Regional Tourist Director. They have  2 daughters and 4 grandkids who reside in Santa Fe, NM.

Spare time activities include golf, fishing and restoring his 69 Mustang (which was his first car).

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