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Care for client

Went out her way on certain requests"


James Ainslie

Meet Our Team

The tenacious qualities and values that Cambridge Realty demands from its agents are second to none!

Educated and Trained Associates

The Associates at Cambridge Realty are provided with training and education that is unique and effective. Cambridge Realty associates are encouraged and expected to attend ongoing education opportunities to ensure our clients receive the benefits of having knowledgeable agents representing them.

Anyone can sell you real estate-we select each of our associates based foremost on their ability to maintain and exceed customer expectations. We find that keeping our standards high ensures that every transaction is handled smoothly and that our customers are always satisfied. Learn a bit more about our agents, and please-contact us for more information, or just to let us know what you think.

We look forward to hearing from you and to the opportunity to show you what a difference knowledge, character and professionalism can make.

Billy Baer
Cell: 864-980-9199
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Danny Austin
Cell: 864-980-4160
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Jerry Sprouse
Cell: 864-992-6848
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Mike McWhorter
Cell: 864-389-1130
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Richard Vanasse
Cell: 864-992-9203
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Valeria Smith
Cell: 864-992-9393
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Tina Deason
Cell: 864-229-5124
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Anna Christian Hendrix
Cell: 843-906-9653
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Kelley Lowe
Cell: 864-992-7558
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Jillian Coleman
Cell: 864-992-0594
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Colleen Tebo
Cell: 864-992-5271
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David Thompson
Cell: 864-344-2765
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Sherry Johnson
Cell: 864-993-9665
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Tara Bailey Rice
Cell: 864-992-9333
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BHHS Cambridge Realty
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Harlie Gerisch
Cell: 864-484-4504
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Rachael Arnold
Cell: 843-303-3326
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Allie Baker
Cell: 864-993-6796
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