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“There were so many times we almost gave up, thank goodness for our agent!!  We love our new home so much.  Couldn’t be happier!”  Dawn & Robert Lovvorn   .. Read more
“There were so many times we almost gave up, thank goodness for our agent!!  We love our new home so much.  Couldn’t be happier!” 

Dawn & Robert Lovvorn


Monique "Moe" Callaham

Office: (864) 323-20108
Mobile: (864) 323-2018

Monique (Moe) was born and raised in Greenwood, SC. She is married to her wonderful husband, Chris and they have two beautiful daughters, Liya and Nyjah and one handsome son, Hynef. She is a graduate of Greenwood High School and Piedmont Technical College with a degree in Medical Assisting.


Monique is a very motivated and poised woman who values relationships and helping people. Working in healthcare over the last ten plus years, she has acquired a genuine love and care that exemplifies continuously. Always having an eye for real estate and interior and exterior decor, she decided it was time to channel her interest and dedication to help others with property ownership.


Monique’s slogan is 'Majestic Moments with Moe" She wants her slogan to reflect the vision she has for exceeding the expectations of each client. She's dedicated and determined to show love, respect, loyalty, consistency, and morals and to be of service to all near and far, rich or poor, regardless of race. Moe says, “I'm a well-rounded citizen that wants to provide the best opportunity that there is to offer to families. I know that with faith the size of a mustard seed and continued hard work, ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE FOR THOSE WHO TRUST IN THE LORD . Romans 8:28.”


In her spare time she really loves traveling, shopping, going out to eat, hanging out with her family and friends and DANCING! She loves a good dance battle even though she doesn’t know how to dance. Overall, she’s just a down to earth country girl that enjoys living life to the fullest!



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Monique "Moe" Callaham
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