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Excellent service from our agent! Rhonda Eron   .. Read more

Excellent service from our agent!

Rhonda Eron

Robert Stevenson

Robert Stevenson

Mobile: 864-377-4585

Name: Robert Stevenson

Telephone: 864-377-4585

Email: robertsellsgreenwood@gmail.com

Website: Facebook.com/RobertSellsGreenwood


Experience: I bring to real estate years of experience as a communications specialist, having served as a media professor and creator of local websites. I created Greenwood Calendar to spotlight what’s great about Greenwood because I love our city. The transition to real estate was a natural fit. With over 25,000 local social media followers, I bring a significant network of contacts that have the potential to benefit both home buyers and sellers. I also have considerable experience with new construction.

Designations, Education: I have been named a Premiere Agent by Zillow, and Alignable has named me “Most Recommended Real Estate Agent in Greenwood. In 2016, I was named in the “Top 25 National Communicators List.” My education includes a PhD in leadership and an MA in communications from USC. I earned a BS in journalism from Lander. Prior to that I went to Greenwood High. 

Background/Strengths for current position: I bring to the table a large network of contacts from mortgage lenders to carpenters to home inspectors. I am knowledgeable about the neighborhoods, schools and zoning. I enjoy meeting people, and I love helping them with their real estate needs.

Personal/Family/Church/Community Interests: My wife and I are active in our church, where I serve on the finance council. I have served on the board of Beyond Abuse, and the Lander University Foundation. Within Greenwood Calendar, I have created a free, comprehensive calendar of local events. I also created the fun, family-oriented rock painting, hiding, and seeking group called “Greenwood Rocks,” with over 6,000 local members. 

What motivates you? I enjoy helping people. As a teacher, I learned the value of listening carefully first and then knowing which path to take. I live by the golden rule. I work hard, and I am driven to achieving the real estate needs of my clients. 

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